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Our longest running most popular option!

We started out as a standard Paint & Sip. Now we are so much more! But painting is still a main project choice. Now you can choose what painting you want, but also what you want to paint on!

We have our standard canvas, a smaller kids sized canvas, our classic handmade wood slat canvas, new wood slices and MORE!

You can choose from any of our designs or if you want to create your own go for it. We are here to teach you each painting step by step! Even if each person in your group chooses different paintings!

We have even started laser engraved wood canvas and CNC carved options. So if you want a paint by number experience check those out! They come pre engraved you just paint in the lines!

Average Time - 2-3 Hours. This project is definitely the slowest. If you have dinner reservations plan around 3 hours for painting.

Difficulty - Easy to Hard depends on the painting

Average Cost - $45

Range - $20-45

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