Privately Reserved Parties!

We will host painting or craft classes every evening, but we are also available for your private use all day. You can reserve our gallery for your group! Feel free to bring in food and anything you need. We are surrounded by great restaurants.



Call at 303-466-1245

To Book a Private event the pricing is the same as a standard class, the difference is depending on time and date you choose there are group minimums required to make that slot private, listed below.

If you won't hit minimums your group can always join into the posted public class!


Mondays - Any time:10 people minimum

Tuesday & Wednesdays - Any time 15 people minimum (2 hour block)

Thursdays - 12:00 - 3:00 start times No Minimum 

              - 4:00 or later start time 15 people minimum

Fridays     - 12:00 - 3:00 start times No Minimum 

              - 4:00 or later start time 40 people minimum

Saturdays - 12:00 start time 10 people minimum 

              - 3:00 start time 15 people minimum

              - 6:30 start time 40 people minimum

Sundays  - 12:00 start times 20 people minimum 

              - 4:00 or later start time 30 people minimum

KIDS Parties!

We understand it is hard to hit these minimums for kids parties! Call us and we can talk about a lot of other options for you!

303-466-1245 or

Team Building

Inks & Drinks can liven up any team building event. You can choose to each do your own piece, or we can work something up for you to all work together.

Birthday Parties

Whether you are turning 13 or 31 we have the party for you! You can book your group in a public class or you can go all out and reserve our space for your group. We have something for everyone!

Bachelorette Parties

Do you have a more laid back bride? Or are you looking for a great night EVERYONE can enjoy? Inks & Drinks has the party for you! We have projects and paintings just for this girls night out!

Wedding/Baby Showers

We have DIY Wedding ideas and baby shower fun. We can have your whole group make something together for your event. Something you can keep and remember forever. Check out the wedding classes on the craft menu for more ideas. 

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