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Please Read!

We are moving!

We are currently taking reservations through January. For our FLATIRONS Location!

We are hoping to open in our new space in February! Check back here for updates, as well as our Instagram @inksanddrinks

 Check back soon!

1 - One Reservation for your entire Group! - Do not reserve individually or we won't seat you together. You can all pay separately when you arrive. One booking! ...seriously one booking...

2 - Your group reservation is for a table (or a few) for your group privately for the entire 2.5 hours. You can each do any projects you choose, and you have your own teacher! Everyone gets private sessions now!

       - On busy nights we will have to stick with the 2.5 hour limit depending on how full we are. 

3 - Reservations are for anytime during our open hours, they do cut off 2.5 hours before we close so that you have time to finish your projects.  Your Group gets to choose their own start time!

Mon, Tue & Wed- Closed 

Thur - 12:00-9:00

Fri - 12:00-9:00

Sat - 12:00-9:00

Sun - 12:00-6:00

4 - Do you have a large group or event you want to host at Inks & Drinks? Booking online is available for groups of 1 to 16, if you are bigger than that please email us! We can reserve off large sections for groups up to 150 people! 

Please call or email us if your group needs to cancel or change in size! This truly helps us run our business better, and allows you to reserve easily without pre-paying. 

If a day is greyed out

Or a start time is missing

Or you get red error codes (cell phone)

it is SOLD OUT

Our calendar page lists out all sold out dates and times

You can call to see if we have any cancellations, or join a wait list.


This is not a contact form, we can't answer questions in the special requests through this system. If you have questions before you reserve please email us or call!