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We aren't just paint anymore...

Plants, Pots, Hangers, Terrariums and Plant Decore. Bring our Jungle home.

Wood Work
Wood Work


Welcome Back!

We are Re-Opening on MAY 1ST!

We have a new space, and set up so make sure to check out the "How it Works" Tab! We now offer more of a private group setting for everyone instead of scheduled group classes. 

This new space is amazing....and HUGE. We now have 8,000 sq ft of crafting chaos! New projects, and every session sits like a private party. Your group will get their own table and can choose from any of our projects. And then we will guide you through step by step. 

This also helps with our COVID protocol. We can be extra safe with all the space. We will operate like a restaurant, so masks on any time you are up and moving, you will only be sat with people of your own group, and all tables will be 8+ feet apart. After each group we will be sanitizing all tables, chairs as well as tools and brushes before that table is sat again. We will also have our patio set up shortly! 

We now have a PLANT ROOM! Oh yea, tons of plants, pots, and décor to play in. We will also have new wood projects and lots of new Fiber Art options. New projects will be added every week as I catch up. And of course canvas painting. All ages and absolutely all levels of skill. If you don't think you can paint it we have a stencil for it.

See you soon!