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Create and learn Macramé. This can be used in a million different ways so once you get the hang of a few knots you can make anything with it!

We have you choose what you want to hang it from, like sticks or moons, or a ton of other shapes.

Then you choose patterns. The examples we have can almost all be inter-changed or added onto any stick. Essentially we let you know which ones are easier or harder and you can decide how in depth you want to go. This is a project you could take home and finish at home easily so you can go at any pace. 

Price is based on length of cords so you choose how long you want the design and that decides the price. We have $25-45. Most are $30

We have a few huge examples in the pictures and in store. I don't recommend attempting  that size here. I just sell large custom ones. But if you do one or two of the smaller ones you would know enough to create the large ones at home at your own pace. 

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