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Our biggest selections option. (Pictured below is only about 1/4 of your options) This is what we started everything with, it's also what I felt we really needed to evolve. So it's now a million options so that you go home with something you want in your house on display. From beginner levels to pro, create what you want!

Painting is almost always 2-3 hours. Its a slower project you can have fun with. But not everyone in your group has to paint, any other projects including terrariums will still all be at the same table!


Canvas $25-40 

Original Wood Canvas $45

Other options...there are a ton you can choose -$20-75


We have the classic canvas paintings or putting any of our paintings on any of the wood options. But we also have laser engraved options to choose from that become a custom color paint by numbers. We also have wood slices and other cut out boards. And we even have Faux Deer heads and other animals you can paint (also put macramé or  flowers on) if we have it you can paint on it. With our designs or make your own!

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