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These are the easiest and fastest of the projects. You get to choose every piece that goes in and what plants. If you are new to plants or consider yourself a plant murderer these are actually a great way to start. Most of the designs have a water basin at the bottom filled with leca so you can SEE when to water your plants instead of guessing. And please always ask us for any specific plant care information (I could talk to you about plants for hours)

I have seen people finish them in 30 minutes and then hang out and watch others in the group paint. And I have seen them take a few hours, with choosing all the fun parts and customizing. It's up to you how fast this one goes. 

Terrariums have the biggest price range. We have a ton of cute little ones that can be $10-15. ( For kids parties I recommend setting a $25 budget) But we also have huge hand blown glass containers and rare plants that could get you up to $300+ so I recommend going in with a budget in mind. It's all labeled so you know how expensive you are getting!

The average terrarium with all the fun stuff is usually $40-50 



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