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Welcome to our gallery, each picture is a project. You can click to enlarge.

This page will grow and change a lot over the next few months. This is a very small sample of all the projects we will offer!

Good luck choosing!


Wood, Canvas, Concrete, Planter Pots, You can paint on anything we sell.

Also we have stencils for almost everything. You will be able to make these! 

More Pictures Coming Soon


Plants for sale, pots (that you can paint or leave as is), repotting, Terrarium Builds, Plant Hangers, and Plant Decor.

More Pictures Coming Soon


We have concrete Pots, Trays, Pumpkins, Bowls and Dishes and more. All of it is ready to paint and customize.

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Macramé, Weaving, Embroidery, String Art...Really a mix of all Fiber Art

From simple plant hangers to detailed embroidery patterns.

Pictures Coming Soon


Detailed small classes of bigger projects. 

I need some time to grow, but now that we have the big space I want to also offer more in depth projects. Resin, Silversmithing, Wood Working, CNC and Laser Engraved Art.