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Project Gallery

Here are examples of out projects you can choose from! You can also do your own thing. It's really all about inspiration. 



Terraiums and Planting

Terrariums offer the most freedom to be as creative or simple as you want. These examples are just inspiration for all the things you could build. Every single piece you can choose and change. These happens to be my favorite, they are the most relaxing and stress free of the projects. 

IMG_20210529_120940 (1).jpg

String Art

Choose a board and go for it! We have a ton of printed designs you can choose, you are also welcome to bring in a print or draw whatever you want. Once you chose a design you get to hammering and then play with the string. so many ways to make it yours. 

If you bring in a print I recommend standard 8x11 paper for the design. 



Painting has the most options. We have Standard canvas, our original handmade wood canvas, plus now we have laser engraved and even more options. You can start with laser engraved projects that are drawn out for you...they are basically custom paint by numbers. Or you can choose any of our hundreds of paintings we can teach you. You also don't have to choose any of our designs. And we will constantly be adding fun new projects to paint!


Coming Soon

We will always be adding new projects. I want to add crochet, and embroidery projects. In depth plant classes, and I can't wait to start offering metalsmithing and jewelry options. Once we get settled in these are coming soon! If you have any projects that you want to learn we are always taking suggestions. 



Choose a mount or stick, choose a color (or a few) and customize any patterns. We will rank them as easy to hard for you. It's completely customizable. 

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