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Create Chaos

Inks & Drinks

Craft, Paint and Plant Bar

8920 Westminster Blvd, Westminster CO 80031




Every once in a while, we can fit walk-ins but if our calendar is showing sold out then we won't have tables. 


We are a creative space dedicated to teaching you to make a masterpiece!


You can choose from hundreds of projects and our artists will walk you through each one step by step!

Everyone in your group can choose any project!  

What's On

What's On

Inks & Drinks Painting


Choose from hundreds of free hand or laser engraved options. Each person in your group can choose any project (you don't all have to choose the same project)

Terrariums & Plant Sales

We have hundreds of containers, fillers and plants to choose from to build your own terrarium!


Are you new to plants? These are a great low maintenance option to get you started!

You also can just buy plants...



Yes it's back! We have all levels of Macrame options to choose from.  From beginners and quick projects to plant hangers and purses. We are a great start to learning large scale projects that you can take home to finish.

Come Down & Grab a Craft
We are always adding new projects.
Macramé, String Art, and more!

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